How Much Does Kanjo Cost?

We believe that good mental health should be accessible to everyone so currently Kanjo’s basic plan is free of charge. As we develop additional add ons and insights, these will have optional charges of £4/month.

Is my data secure?

Privacy and security is key to everything we do. We consult with the best people in the business to make sure everything is 100% secure.

How do you ensure my child is safe?

This app is purely for you and your child and the only people that will be able to see how your child is doing is you. We have removed interactivity between other users to ensure that this is a family based platform, not social media.

How can you provide personalised insights?

What makes Kanjo different is the parental comfort blanket we provide through insights gathered from digital biomarkers. Digital biomarkers are health, wellbeing and behavioural insights derived from digital devices. Check out our upcoming blog to learn more about how we do it.

Where are you getting your learnings from?

Our team is made up of researchers, educators, teachers and psychologists to make sure that we create a curriculum that works for your family, based on established research.

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