Bringing emotional wellbeing to children's education

Our mission is to empower schools to build emotional resilience and mental wellbeing in their teachers, students and their carers

We are in the midst of a mental health epidemic for children

1 in 8 children experience a mental health condition resulting in a significant impact on their memory, motivation and concentration at school. Thankfully, it has recently been announced that teachers in all schools will be trained to support children with mental illnesses.

How can Kanjo help your school?

Kanjo is an interactive application, packed full of children's games & activities designed to help carers better understand their children's emotional health. Our games & content can be tailored to fit each school's unique curriculum, making it easy to integrate into Art, CSPE, or traditional subjects.

Free of charge

Remove any financial barriers that might prevent your school from accessing valuable mental health resources for the students and staff.

Reduce staff’s workload

Kanjo provides an effective and engaging way to support students' mental health and emotional well-being, helping reduce the demand for external trained mental health staff.

It’s Fun

We make mental health education engaging and enjoyable for students to prevent them from getting overwhelmed about the topic.

Stand out

By demonstrating your commitment as a top school in supporting students with their emotional well-being. Attract top students and faculty, and enhance the school's reputation.

In-person seminars

We also offer in-person seminars led by experts including Carrie Longton, founder of Mumsnet and top children’s psychologists. These seminars provide a valuable opportunity for schools to learn more about mental health, well-being and how to support their digitally native students in a way that works for them.

If you're interested in bringing Kanjo's interactive platform and expert resources to your school, simply get in touch

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