The Team

Sophia Parvizi Wayne


Sophia Parvizi Wayne has extensive experience working in youth mental health as the Global Ambassador for the Youth Mental Health Foundation. She is the former founder of Publishing start up Trado and in her spare time runs at an elite level.

Stefan Bostock


Stefan Bostock has years of experience in the field of digital biomarkers with a PHD in the field from Oxford University. He once read a book every week for a year.

Saad Sufyan

Lead Developer

Saad Sufyan is a passionate fullstack developer with years of experience in web and mobile development. Saad has assisted many startups in the US and the UK. He aims to push the limits of every design brief and to produce innovative outcomes.

Advised by

Carrie Longton

Mumsnet Founder

Maya Ghosn

Chan Zuckerberg Institute

Fiorella Massey

Founding Chair of the Mental Health Foundation

Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Renowned Psychologist

Backed by

Entrepreneur First

Aws Fellowship

Sigma Squared


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