Your personalised toolbox for supporting children's mental health

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For parents

Personalised Content

Through our recommendation engine, we provide relevant, evidence-based articles and videos for your family's needs.

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Vetted Referrals

In one click, we connect you to the best expert or service based on what we know about you and your child.

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Track Progress

Work with a clinician directly or at your own pace with our remote monitoring toolbox to see how your child is developing or responding to treatment.

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For Clinicians

Your AI-driven toolbox saves you valuable time and helps you take care of your patients faster and smarter

Clinician Tools

Improve your operational efficiency through our clinician process automation and support tools.

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Pre-diagnostic Insights

Our toolbox includes Pre-diagnostic Risk Analytics™ and Comorbidity Analytics™.

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Personalised tips, advice and support


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Jun 18
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Mental health

Starting the conversation about mental health

Mar 22
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“Time with kids is so precious. And so is time with clinicians who care for kids. Kanjo as a company fixes the workforce shortage - meaning it’s doing double good. Looking after the kids and also saving the time of their clinical team.”

Dr Michelle Tempest

MA LLM MB BChir, NHS & Government Advisor

“Every child, every family, is unique — so it’s important that if you or your child needs help, you find a solution that is created especially for you. That's what Kanjo provides.”

Carrie Longton

Mumsnet Founder