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What is Kanjo?

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Interactive Learning

Hundreds of bite sized lessons and games, teaching your child emotional, social and cognitive skills to take with them through life.

Emotional Resilience

Improve self awareness, social skills, relationship management, and self regulation. Based on leading mental health and wellbeing research and practice.

Reflection & Growth

A collection of memories and creative tasks of your child's Kanjo experience are captured for you and your child to reflect on daily and keep forever.

Personalised Insights & Advice

Kanjo provides personalised insights from concentration and cognition to social skills and energy levels using the exciting new field of digital biomarkers.

For Kids

Play all your favourite games. Tell all your favourite stories. Be the main character in your own adventure!

Kanjo takes all the best parts of your child’s desire to explore, learn and play to teach them life long skills! From learning empathy in a decision making game to building emotional resilience through storytelling- Kanjo helps your child build their psychological toolbox without them even realising.

Our activities are short and only take around a few minutes to complete! This gives your child the rest of the day to apply the lessons they have learnt in the real world.

For Parents

For educators and schools

We believe collaboration is key and that’s why Kanjo’s mission is not just to empower parents and children but educators, schools and other community organisations. Join the many partners already part of Kanjo’s community here!

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