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Purposely built for you and your patients

Purposely built for you and your patients

Pre-diagnostic insights

Including risk analytics prior to a consultation alongside analysed comprehensive medical history that is easy to understand and store securely.

Comorbidity analytics

Our Bayesian model predicts the likelihood of patient comorbidities and recommendations for collaborative care.

Remote monitoring and tracking solutions

Keep track of your patient through our tracking tools, automated and there to streamline your processes.


Our model matches patients directly to you based on their results with optionality to invite other physicians to join you, take a look at the data or be referred to.
Insights is our clinical range. Get insights into major depression, generalised anxiety, ADHD and measure their core symptoms.
Insights is currently available as an investigational device

Our Advisors

Dr. Michelle Tempest

Clinical Doctor, NHS Advisor

Carrie Longton

Founder of the largest parenting platform globally, Mumset.

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

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Support for every kind of mind

Support for every kind of mind

Support for
every kind of mind
Kanjo is the first end to end service to help parents and clinicians understand children’s mental health better. The basis of everything we do is the Kanjo models and the scientific principles we ground our tools in.

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