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Anger and stress management through exercise

By Kanjo
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Last updated
May 16, 2023
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There are lots of tips on anger and stress management. But sometimes, children just need to release some of that mental energy through physical movements - in a safe way, of course - and the answer to this is simple: exercise!

Here is a list of ways to manage anger through healthy, physical exercise!


Changes need to be made at home all together. You need to set a good example and show that you are doing your part, whether it’s showing them you exercise too or trying it all together.

2. Team Sports

Not only are they burning off some energy and calming down but team sports are proven to improve social behaviour and skills- including team-building, collaboration and the best way to interact with people. Get them joining the local football, netball or hockey team!

3. A

Whether it’s a spontaneous walk in the park or a planned cycle, take them somewhere where they can focus on what they are seeing too. Being outside is also known to really improve mental health. If the option is available, hiking is also a great family activity!


It may not always be seen as exercise but deep breathing is the quickest way to feel a sense of calm. Ask your children to take deep breaths in between 2-5 seconds, then hold it for over ten seconds before breathing out slowly. Trying to get them to do this five times a day will help them regulate their oxygen supply whilst re-centering them.


This is a no brainer - get them somewhere safe where they can learn how to fight in a safe environment with strict rules.


When you feel anger arising, make sure they are in a place where they cannot hurt anyone or themselves. This means removing anything that can be destroyed or thrown.


Quick fixes? Jumping jacks, squeezing the palms of their hands together, playing with playdough or doing some stretching exercises.

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