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Best children's toys for soothing and calming

By Kanjo
3 min
Last updated
August 19, 2022
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Regardless of age, anxiety takes us away from the present moment and into a place of the scary unknown. However, toys have the magical ability to bring children back into the present and as a consequence, calm them down.

Here are our top five picks of toys we love:

1. Pop it fidget toys

You’ve probably seen these toys in various animal shapes that are filled with squashable bubbles that children can pop before they rise again. Both from a sensory perspective and the repeatability, this toy helps thousands of children re-centre themselves.

2. Putty/Play-dough

Not only is it the most affordable of the bunch, but from this is a great way for children to focus on using their hands to shape things.

3. Fidget spinner

Okay, most of us find these pesky things annoying but for our kids they can be a life saver as they require a lot of concentration both from a proprioception perspective and mentally.

4. A weighted lap pad or toy

Similar to a weighted blanket, these heavy toys allow kids to have the comfort of a stuffed toy whilst also getting the relaxing weight calming down.

5. Rocking egg chair

Super easy to store, this is a great way for kids that rock back and forth in moments of anxiety to find a safe space to do it.

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