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Sibling jealousy

By Kanjo
4 min
Last updated
September 3, 2022
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Sibling bickering is normal, if anything it’s healthy. However, sibling rivalry can end up damaging your children’s relationships in the present and down the line. Here are our top tips to make sure family time is cooperative rather than competitive.


1. One-on-one time

The idea that a parent loves one child more than the other is crippling for siblings so make sure you schedule one on one time with each of them individually whether it’s watching a movie or cooking together.

2. Stop the comparison

One child is inevitably going to be better than the other at some things but make sure you focus on each child’s individual achievements and timelines in each area of their life.

3. Don’t always blame one child

Roles tend to switch between victim and the bully but regardless, make sure you encourage the “ victim” not to engage with the bully too. Avoid the blame game.

4. Make any punishments private

Try not to make any punishment public, this only leads to greater competition and animosity between siblings.

5. Don’t use age based or physical nicknames for children.

It always leads to an inferior or superiority complex.

6. Problem solving

You can’t force collaboration but you can encourage it through games and play. Even getting your children to work on chores together rather than individually gets them to work together rather than in competition with one another.

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